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We Care Hall Of Fame

The We Care Hall of Fame Award recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry.

2020 Winner – Dan Valade

Dan Valade has been with the Campbell Company of Canada since 2003. For many years he’s also been a committee member of the We Care Gala and has been a co-chair of the event.


Dan’s commitment to helping others goes beyond We Care. Dan and his family organized an annual fundraising golf tournament in honour of their son and brother Andrew who they lost to brain cancer.  With the support of the Foodservice industry in 10 years the event raised over $413,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Pencer Brain Tumour Centre.


We Care would like to thank and congratulate Dan on winning the 2020 Hall of Fame award.

Past Winners of the We Care Hall of Fame Award:

  • 2019 Mr. Rod Stroud
  • 2018 Mr. Frank Geier
  • 2017 Mr. Paul Higgins Jr. & Mr. Michael Higgins
  • 2016 Mr. Gary Seaman
  • 2015 Mr. Murray Webb
  • 2014 Mr. John Rothschild & Mr. Nick Perpick
  • 2013 Mr. Michael McCain
  • 2012 Mr. J. Aubrey MacMillan
  • 2011 Mr. Vino Mistry
  • 2010 Mr. Jack C. MacDonald
  • 2009 Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism schools across Canada
  • 2008 Mr. Reg Lambert (P)
  • 2007 Mr. Joe Hudson
  • 2006 Mr. Garry Knox
  • 2005 Mr. Paul House
  • 2004 Mr. Grey Sisson
  • 2003 Mr. Hershel Goldhar, Mr. Jim Greenwood
  • 2002 Mr. Michael Tamagi
  • 2000 Mr. Peter McLaughlin
  • 1999 Mr. Mitch Kostuch
  • 1998 Mr. Paul Higgins Sr.
  • 1997 Mr. Hal Gregory
  • 1996 Mr. Malcolm Baxter, Mr. John Campbell
  • 1995 Mr. Joe Flanagan (P)
  • 1994 Mr. Norm Candelori, Mr. Mac Cuddy, Mr. David Llewellyn
  • 1993 Mr. Wes Cheatley, Mr. Mike Driscoll
  • 1992 Mr. Louis Fine, Mr. Jack Miller
  • 1991 Mr. Bill Dover, Mr. Jim Pineo
  • 1990 Mr. Ed Thatcher, Mr. Raoul Landry, Mr. Fred Bradley, Mr. Ted Hickeson (P)
  • 1989 Mr. Bob Carmichael, Mr. Alex MacIntosh (P), Mr. Francois Malo
  • 1988 Mr. Bill Tamagi, Mr. John Paul, Mr. Don Herron (P), Miss Ida Luck (P)
  • 1987 Mr. Charlie Davies, Mr. Dick McWhirter


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